Definition of a Company’s Wrong Doing

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Company’s commit negligence and wrongful acts on a daily basis. These result often in an individual’s injury and unfortunately these individuals find it hard to receive justice when it comes to a company taking responsibility. Bachus and Schanker Attorneys at law, are a leading personal injury firm in Colorado, and they know all too well the wrong doing committed by companies all of the time. They’ve decided to help explain what it means for a company to commit a wrongful act.

The difference between negligence and wrong doing is that negligence often involves the lack of action and a sense of careless taken toward something that requires attention. Wrong doing includes some form of action that resulted in the cause of injury or harm to a person or thing.

Examples of wrong doings often don’t include a breach in contract but can include civil wrong acts. Think of a company that dumps toxic waste near or on someone’s property resulting in their personal injury. Other examples include sexual harassment, discrimination, injury caused by a product or service, and many other types of conduct.

There are so many in fact that it’s best to seek out a personal injury lawyer if you believe you’ve become a victim of a company’s wrong doing. They will be able to determine what if anything occurred.

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