Dividing Family Assets

Dividing Family AssetsDividing family assets is often a complicated affair, and it is not uncommon to hear about siblings and co-heirs come out of the process with their relationships broken. The task of dividing family assets becomes even more complex when this is a consequence of divorce. In both cases it is best to get reliable legal assistance to ensure that assets are divided fairly.

Starting the Process

Dividing family assets starts with getting an accurate list of everything that a couple owns. Ideally everything should be stated in a Form FL-142 or a Schedule of Assets and Debts. However, because this is a far from perfect world, it does happen that spouses do not fully disclose what they own. Once the list is verified, professional services are often necessary to determine which assets are marital and which are separate. Once the value of assets is clear, debts have to be assessed and the manner of paying them off has to be established. Dividing the debts is often just as conflict-ridden as the partition of property; when no agreement is crafted, the parties have to go to court.

Through all this, it becomes the responsibility of legal counsel to see to it that a client’s voice is heard, and the results are fair. If you are going through this difficult and often emotionally tumultuous phase, get a reliable and highly ethical law firm to back you up so your interests are upheld. You will need counsel who will put your welfare first; someone who will push for the process to go as quickly as possible. There are times when you will need a calming influence to steer discussions towards more cordial waters, but there will also be times when you will need a tenacious fighter by your side. Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in, the Law Offices of John N. Kitta will provide you with the champion you need.

Coming to an Agreement

Sometimes negotiation can end the acrimonious bargaining that goes with dividing family assets in the event of a divorce. As a result of negotiation, couples can agree to assign sums, specific items, bank accounts, and debts to a specific spouse. Again this is not as cut-and-dried as it may seem because as far as debts are concerned although the couple may arrive at a written arrangement, the companies to whom money is owed may hold them to their original terms of credit. Once more, competent legal counsel is needed to ensure that agreements are foolproof and you can move on without complications.

Supporting you through the Process

Dividing family assets is rarely an easy undertaking, especially when people are hurt and angry. In such a situation the best thing you can do for yourself is to engage a firm that will stand by you, see that you get your fair share, and protect you from future complications so that you can start anew. This is what the Law Offices of John N. Kitta will do for you.

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