Learn The Truth About Qualifying For Disability Insurance Benefits

mdd2Qualifying For Disability Benefits

When a person becomes disabled or is found to have a disability, their doctor or a family member may suggest to them that they sign up for disability benefits. It’s easy enough for someone to sign up for benefits, but how do you know if you qualify for the benefits that you’re signing up for? There are criteria that have to be met to get disability benefits from Social Security. If you don’t have all the evidence necessary to prove your disability or the disability of a family member, then it’s likely that the claim will be denied. A family member can file disability benefits for a child, which leaves the burden of proof on the child’s parents as well as the doctors.

An adult who is filing for benefits on their own will have to get proof from their doctor or doctors of their disability. If the disability is mental in nature, then a mental evaluation may be necessary to prove disability. If a person has proof of their disability, they still must meet other requirements, such as their work history. A person signing up for SSDI must prove that they’ve worked so many years in the past to qualify for the benefits, and a lacking work history may disqualify them from the benefits, depending on their age. Once all the requirements are met, then it’s recommended to sign up for Social Security benefits.

Why Are Qualified Persons Denied?

Even a person who qualifies for disability benefits can be denied, and there may not be a good reason why. The person may have turned in proof and even had persons testify on their behalf to prove their disability but still get denied. The fact is, there are many people trying to get disability, so it makes it tough on the Social Security Administration. Sometimes, the administration has to choose who is more deserving of the benefits at the time. Even though it seems unfair to deny a Social Security disability claim when there is proof of a disability, this happens all the time.

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