Need Help With Social Security Benefits?

Need Help With Social Security Benefits?So let’s say you have become injured or sick and no longer have the ability to work. Chances are that this is an emotional time, especially if you have been working for a long period of time and if you are the primary breadwinner for your family. Suddenly not being able to provide can have some serious emotional affects on an individual. Not only that, but once the bills and other financial obligations start piling up and you see there isn’t a way to pay them, then you really start to worry. Chances are that one of the first steps you took once you realized you could no longer work, was to apply for social security benefits. You thought everything was all fine and dandy, until you heard back that you were denied benefits. Now what?

A good place to start at this point would be to contact a lawyer. At Parmele Law Firm, disability law is all that they do. Their singular focus is helping individuals to get their social security benefits. Since that is the case, and it is what they do day in and day out, as of today they have represented 50,000 cases against the social security administration where individuals have been denied benefits. Daniel Parmele even has 22 years of purely focusing on disability law and continually strives to increase his knowledge of this particular field. Believe it or not, before he started his own practice, Parmele Law Firm, he actually worked as a senior staff attorney with the social security administration so that should tell you how well he knows his stuff. Furthermore, Daniel believes they are the law firm individuals should work with because of their vision. Not only do they specialize in disability law so they have extensive knowledge, but they also have compassionate hearts so combined they are able to advocate for their clients zealously. They also want to help establish hope within the community. They believe that winning and getting their clients their benefits fast, are the way to accomplish this goal and vision. In getting down to the nitty gritty details, Parmele Law Firm first help their clients file an online application for benefits so that they don’t have to personally go down to the social security administration building. Once that has been done, they promise to aggressively advocate for you as their client at every stage of the process, even if it happens to go to the appeals stage. Keep in mind that no legal fees are paid to the firm unless they win your case.

Bottom line is that their goal is to provide individuals with excellent representation, compassion and hope through honesty, integrity and equity. They understand how difficult it can be to work with social security administration. Not only are there confusing forms to fill out, you are always on hold when you call in because of their call volume, but the employees at social security administration are trained to try and weaken your case. Also it can take months to get an answer as to the status of your claim. Call Parmele Law Firm for some aggressive and experienced representation today!

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