Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Steps to Take After a Car AccidentCar accidents can have a devastating effect not only on you, but on your entire family. If you are not injured in the accident then consider yourself lucky. There are still lots of things that you have to deal with however, even if you are not injured. 

When the accident first happens the first things that are most likely to be going through your head are things like, am I hurt? if you have passengers, are they hurt?, then you will be wondering if the people in the other vehicle are hurt?. Then is my car totally wrecked? Even if your car is damaged beyond repair, it would be the best case scenario if it was just that and nobody was injured.

First you have to deal with the police because they will be on the scene. You will have to fill out a report, the police will need one as well as your insurance company. If it was not your fault the accident happened, which the police will determine, then you will have to get the insurance information from the other driver. Vice versa if it is your fault. Then you can or they can, bill the others insurance. If your insurance is billed then your policy is likely to go up. Depending on your coverage your insurance may not cover everything and may only cover a small fraction. If you don’t have insurance at all then you will be in a world of trouble to say the least. You would be in trouble with the law, and the other people involved could sue you. Even though insurance can be expensive, it is best to always have a policy because you never know when it could happen.

If you or other people are injured in the accident then it is a completely different ballgame. Not only do you have to deal with police and reports, you will have to be in the hospital. At the very least an ambulance ride which is not cheap. If this happens, of course you will have to deal with insurance on your car, but you have to find out what your insurance company will cover if you are injured. Hospital treatment, ambulance ride, hospital stay. For the other people involved as well. If you don’t have individual health insurance your auto insurance may only pay for part of it, and it depends on the other vehicle involved, what kind of auto insurance they have and what it covers.

It is always a good idea to be informed when bad stuff arises, you may have to miss some work depending on how bad your injury’s are so you will want to find out if you have financial coverage for when you are down and out. You may also need legal assistance depending on the situation. A good site to start with is it will help you get informed on what you should do in the event that a car accident does happen.


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